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Starter Guide to Shipping Furniture (and other big stuff!)

vintage tufted camelback sofa

One of the most intimidating aspects of selling furniture online is shipping the pieces after they have sold. We have found a super easy method, that everyone- businesses and individuals a like- has access to: Greyhound Shipping!

Yep! They don't just move people around on those buses- they transport packages too.

Here are the basic guidelines:

-Greyhound ships within the continental US.

-You have to pack it yourself (We'll be adding another guide about how to pack furniture to ship)

-It has to be under 100lbs (we have some tricks for bigger pieces!)

-It has to be under 82 inches long, 47 inches wide, and 30 inches tall

-If you're an individual, the value of an item has to be under $300 (if you want it insured).

-If you get a business account, the value of an item has to be under $1000 (if you want it insured).

-If you're an individual, you have to drop the package off and have it picked up at a Greyhound Station.

-If you're a business, you can pay an extra fee to have a courier pick up your package at your home or place of business. And you can also have them deliver to a home or business on the receiving end.

-Yes, they insure the packages.

-It usually takes less than 10 business days to arrive.

Check out more information on their website at, or pop into your local station and chat with someone in person. I have always had excellent customer service at my Seattle station!