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Hi. My name is Jess Rainbolt and I am a vintage furniture addict. 

If you've made your way to this shop, you may have a vintage furniture addiction of your own. My condolences to your family for watching you struggle through life with this difficult affliction. 

That fire in your eyes every time you see a garage sale sign. That frenzy you feel on dollar tag days at your local thrift shop. The painful choices you have to make on a daily basis. Like, do I buy another velvet settee or keep my spouse? (Hint: you can always find another spouse, but you may never dig up another settee in such excellent condition.)

I feel your pain. We all do at ReRunRoom.

Join us! And let us wallow in it together!

ReRunRoom officially opened in January 2012, but it was a lifetime in the making. 

Jess has been collecting and coveting vintage since she was a nerdy pre-teen.

But in 2012, Jess needed to make a decision: become a fully committed vintage hoarder, or begin thinning her vintage collection and passing on the treasures to other people who could appreciate them as much as she did.

Since she wasn't ready to expand her vintage home goods collection into the vacant spaces in her fridge, microwave, or bathtub yet, she made the decision to try her hand at Etsy.

It was a hit. She made her first sale just in time to pay her first shop related bill and the business has been steadily growing ever since.